USB Type-C Dual HDMI Adapter

Supports up to two 4K 30Hz monitors
  • Supports Type-C input, dual HDMI output.
  • Supports simultaneous displays with resolution 3840×2160/30Hz.
  • Supports HDCP.
  • Not macOS compatible.
  • Supports SST and MST modes in Windows.

Product Features

Type-C Compatibility

Supports Type-C input, dual HDMI output

4K Resolution

Supports simultaneous displays with resolution: 3840×2160/30Hz

HDMI Compatibility

Make use of additional HDMI monitors to complete work faster and more efficiently

Windows Support

Supports both SST and MST modes in Windows

Add Two Monitors

The Sabrent USB Type-C Dual HDMI Adapter DA-UCDH is the ideal device to add two HDMI monitors to your current workspace. The ability to increase one's workflow by utilizing multiple monitors or displays is undeniable, and the Type-C Adapter is convenient.

Tech Specs





System Requirements

Compatible with Windows-based systems ONLY.  (Windows 7 and up)


10 in.
Including cable length of  7.6 in.

2 in.

0.5 in.

1.8 oz.

Package Contents

  • USB Type-C Dual HDMI Adapter
  • User manual 



1-year warranty without registration

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Will this work on my macOS or Linux-based systems?

Unfortunately, this USB Type-C Dual HDMI Adapter is only compatible with Windows-based systems.

Does this adapter allow you to extend my desktop on both additional monitors, or just duplicate it?

Sabrent's USB Type-C Dual HDMI adapter enables you to extend your screen space quickly and easily. This adapter allows for both desktop extension and screen duplication.

Does this work without an external power adapter?