The New Sabrent USB Type-C CFast 2.0 Card Reader (CR-CF20)

Sabrent Expands its Card Readers to include the new

USB Type C CFast 2.0 Card Reader [CR-CF20]


The Sabrent USB Type-C CFast 2.0 Card Reader (CR-CF20) makes transferring data from your CFast 2.0 memory cards quick and simple. It’s now easier than ever to capture, edit, and back up your HD photos and videos. Transfer your content over a 5Gbps (USB 3.2 Gen 1) connection via USB-C at up to 460MBps. BOT and UASP modes are supported for compatibility and performance, so you can plug into various devices without worry. It works with memory cards that are compatible with a series of cameras, including the Canon EOS C500, C300 Mark II, EOS C700, the still Canon EOS 1-D X Mark II and Hasselblad H6D-100C, and more.

The integrated 15cm (6”) USB Type-C (USB-C) cable makes it easy to connect to Windows, macOS, and other devices. The card reader is plug-and-play, bus-powered, and USB backward compatible, keeping things convenient and simple. An LED indicator illuminates when you’re ready to go. This device is portable but rugged, constructed with high-quality aluminum, with a professional-looking finish. This material also helps remove heat from your memory cards so they stay fast and cool. Get maximum performance and protection with quality Sabrent hardware.
A Type-C to Type-A adapter is not included.


Quick & Easy: The Sabrent USB Type-C CFast 2.0 Card Reader (CR-CF20) supports CFast 2.0 memory cards, optimally read via a USB-C host port. This enables the quick and easy transfer of your content for editing and backup.

In A Flash: This card reader supports both the BOT and UASP mass storage specifications for compatibility and performance. An integrated 15cm (6”) USB Type-C cable connects at up to 5Gbps (USB 3.1 Gen 1) for transfers up to 460MBps.

Just Works: The card reader is plug-and-play for your convenience. No external power source is required for this bus-powered device. It is also backward compatible with older USB specifications, matching the respective speeds of the host port.

Made To Last: The CR-CF20’s body is constructed with high-quality aluminum for ruggedness and looks. This material also helps dissipate heat during operation to protect your memory cards and to avoid unwanted throttling. An LED power indicator lets you know when there’s a connection.


Compatible: Designed for Windows and macOS but may work with other devices.

SABRENT USB Type C CFast 2.0 Card Reader [CR-CF20] Only $34.99



SABRENT USB Type C CFast 2.0 Card Reader [CR-CF20]