Thunderbolt 4 KVM switch camera mic and speakers in Apple Studio Display

  • I am considering the SB-TB4K KVM switch to connect a windows laptop and Mac mini to an Apple Studio Dispaly. 

    I would like to know if the KVM will switch the built in camera, mic and speakers between to two PC devices.

    Any information you can provide would be much appreciated. 

  • @Adrian Hannen The KVM will switch only whatever is attached to it.

  • @Sabrent Could you clarify the answer? Technically, the camera and sound are attached. They are built into the monitor. They work through the same thunderbolt when I attach a monitor to my laptop. Would sound (PC ->display) and camera (display-> PC) be a passing throw via the Switch or only a video signal?

  • @Eugen What is passed depends on the hardware/monitor and how it's configured. If it's going over Thunderbolt, then it should work, that is to say if it's more than just the display data going over the line. There are some monitors that have hub-like features where a separate upstream cable is required, for example, which may operate differently.

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