EC-SSHD SATA HD/SSD to USB 3.0 Adapter Not Recognized\Initialized

  • Hi,

    I bought this adapter to hook up a SSD hard drives from older computers I had just to get the data off them.  As soon as I plug it in the light goes on.  If I go into Disk Managment it shows a drive as "Disk 1" and wants me to initilize it. This is with no HD attached to it. 

    If I choose either one it says "the device failed due to fatal hardware error" or something like that.

    Then if I put a drive on it, it then makes a noise like it saw something but it doesnt power up and no drive appears.  Already upgraded usb drivers and firmware.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    PS - I tried it on different computers, one running Win 10 and one Win 11.  Same results. 


    Then if I hook up a drive I hear the computer make a noise like it sees a device but the drive does not spin.

  • @Darren DeCarlo Thank you for your patience this time of year. That definitely looks wrong. Our cable/adapter uses an SATA to USB bridge chip insider but it should not return as a drive in normal operation when nothing is attached. Rather, it should show up as a SCSI device. You may contact technical support to see if this is a known issue and/or for a firmware fix, or they can otherwise process you. Since this happens on more than one system I don't think there is too much to troubleshoot unfortunately as it may be a firmware or hardware issue.

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