EC-SSD2 Max NVMe cloning size?

  • Hi Support Team:

    BLUF: Is the EC-SSD2 capable of cloning a Samsung 990 4TB NVMe?

    I have a EC-SSD2 (2021) which I've been using to clone my 2TB Samsung 970 EVO and 970 EVO Plus NVMes monthly as full system backups.  Works great!  

    Over the holidays I got 2 new 4TB Samsung 990 PRO units and rebuilt my Windows setup fresh onto the 4TB NVMe.   However, when I try to clone the 4TB NVMe using the EC-SSD2, the cloner just sits there flashing on the first LED (25%) forever and never seems to complete.   (I left it cloning more than 1 hour without any change off the 25% mark.) The drives are not encrypted. Both are brand new. I've not seen this type of behavior while using the older Samsung 970 EVO and EVO Plus 2TB NVMes.   I also verified that both source and targets are running the latest and same Samsung firmware.

    Please advise.  Thanks! G. Mobley



  • @G Mobley I am forwarding this to the factory to see if it's an issue with specific 4TB drives and will report back. Thank you for the feedback!

  • Thanks for your guidance.   I'll try again this weekend too.  Have a great day!   


  • @G Mobley No problem! We think there may be an issue in some cases with this, so we are investigating.

  • Hi Sabrent Staff:

    I performed further testing this weekend using mulitple Samsung 990 Pro 4TB units all updated to the latest firmware.  My results are mixed but maybe this helps.  Setup is Windows 10 all patched to latest levels for both OS and firmware/BIOS.

    All tests were run cloning from a W10 OS 990 Pro 4TB (A) to another 990 Pro 4TB target (B).

    A. Target was a NEW, unformatted > The cloning failed.  I stopped it after 90+ minutes.  The blue LEDs never moved from 25%.

    B. Target was a NTFS formatted (1 partition) using a USB  (Sabrent EC-SNVE) so it was 1 big "D" drive. > The cloning falied.  I stopped it after 90+ minutes.  The blue LEDs never moved from 25%.  However, when I installed the target (B) into a NVMe/USB Sabrent EC-SNVE case and connected it via a USBC port, diskmanager showed 3 partitions present on the target:  Recovery (1000MB), EFI/System (260MB) and OS (3724MB).  However, the system would NOT boot to this target and whatever was copied or inside the OS partition was not readable. 

    C.  I then used the Samsung Magician to CLONE a copy of the OS to a fresh target (one of the above) both installed into the laptop.  It has 2 x NVMe slots. The Samsung Clone took about 60+ minutes.  When the Samsung Clone was done, I removed the original NVME and then placed the CLONED NVME into Slot 0 and the box booted OK. 

    D.  On a whim, I made some changes to the original Windows OS NVme installed in the machine above (C) so I'd know a few files were present that were not present earlier.  I then installed the updated NVMe into Slot A of the EC-SSD2.  Into slot B, I used the above OLDER SS Magician clone which had all 3 partitions available and was bootable for Slot B but it was missing the few files I'd just created. 

    I then initiated a EC-SSD2 clone of the original Windows OS (990 Pro 4TB) to this NVme which had all 3 partitions present.  Then the EC-SSD2 proceeded to clone the ORIGINAL to the target (B) in ~ 60 minutes - all the LEDs progressed and then stopped blinking when it was done.   I then removed the CLONE from slot B, installed it into the original NVMe slot 0 on the Thinkpad (where the original was)  and it booted OK.  The "new files" I'd created to test if the copy was indeed correct WERE PRESENT. 

    So it appears there's something happening with the 990 Pro 4TB units during the partitioning stage of the EC-SSD2 cloning operation which does not play nice with empty NVMe, or NVMes if they are NTFS formatted.    Only when the partitions on the target (B) were pre-existing and matched the layout / partitions on the ORIGINAL (A) did the cloner work properly.  At least for this one test. 

    This seems like maybe there's a firmware update which could resolve this issue b/c the EC-SSD2 appears it can clone correctly if it gets passed a certain stage which may be related to creating the partitions on the TARGET B.   Unsure.  IDK how this unit's firmware performs the CLONE exactly... but something is hanging up the 990 4TB clones.

    Thanks and I hope this helps you team determine how to resolve.   I love this offline cloner as my main backup.   Have a great day!  G. Mobley



  • @G Mobley We have tested it with our own 4TB drives and have noticed it's very particular about the setup. Offline cloning is usually sector-by-sector which is different than straightforward software cloning. This might be related to the issue. There's also a need to support greater than 2TB drives which was a legacy limit and that sometimes causes issues. We have sent questions to the factory to see if there's something specific about it and if there's an easy remedy.

  • Hi Sabrent Staff:  THANKS so much for the update and confirmations.  My results agree.  I've had a successful offline clone 3 of maybe 8 attempts where the blue LEDs actually advanced as expected.

    Please update us on progress and/or confirmations of remedy or not.  I'm hoping there's a forthcoming factory / development firmware update which will mitigate or repair the units.

    If not, please let us know when Sabrent plans to have an updated offline cloner that can reliably handle 4TB+ NVMes.   A quick scan of Amazon shows maybe 1 or 2 that claim to handle 4TB but I strongly prefer to stick with established, reliable, trustworthy brands like Sabrent.

    Have a great day!  G. Mobley

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