My system is freezing up, could my SSD be the cause

  • I need some advice

    Lately, I've been experiencing moments when suddenly the mouse, keyboard and pc stops working
    I don't get a blue screen, in short it simply gets stuck

    pressing the reset button results in the fans simply spinning at high RPMs, and holding down the power button to hard reboot for the five seconds does nothing.

    The only way I found to fix it is to switch it off and on from the mains


    If anyone has an idea of the cause, and a possible solution, I would love to hear from you

    I should note: it doesn't happen all the time, but it's something that worries me as I've seen it happen around 4-5 times


    Thanks in advance

    My Specs are
    Ryzen 9 5900x
    Noctua NH-D15, Dual-Tower CPU cooler (140mm, Black)
    Gigabyte Aorus RTX 2080TI 11G
    ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero
    Sabrent Rocket 4.0 1TB 1000.2 GB
    Sabrent Rocket 4.0 2TB 2000.3 GB
    VENGEANCE® LPX 64GB (4 x 32GB) DDR4 (CMK64GX4M2D3600C18)
    Corsair HX Series™ HX1000i

  • @Mohammed Jaafar Sudden freezes could be a lot of things. Please check the Event Viewer to look for anomalies. This could be a GPU freeze, although often it will recover or shutdown/BSOD. It could be a CPU or memory freeze, but these also tend to eventually reboot or BSOD. It could be a PSU issue, but usually that will drop out. If it's a storage issue, the Event Viewer will show the storage drops.

  • @Sabrent

    Thanks, as suggested I bought up the Event Viewer and I believe I found the moment of the last freeze up

    unfortunately it doesn't indicate what might have been the cause

    Here is the log, hopefully you can see something I didn't

    - System 
      - Provider 
       [ Name]  EventLog 
      - EventID 6008 
       [ Qualifiers]  32768 
       Version 0 
       Level 2 
       Task 0 
       Opcode 0 
       Keywords 0x80000000000000 
      - TimeCreated 
       [ SystemTime]  2024-01-03T20:14:31.0825308Z 
       EventRecordID 491150 
      - Execution 
       [ ProcessID]  0 
       [ ThreadID]  0 
       Channel System 
       Computer Main-PC 
    - EventData 
    Binary data:
    In Words
    0000: 000107E8 00030003 00300013 01620036 
    0010: 000107E8 00030003 00300013 01620036 
    0020: 00000960 0000003C 00000001 00000960 
    0030: 00000001 000004B0 00000000 00000000 
    In Bytes
    0000: E8 07 01 00 03 00 03 00   è.......
    0008: 13 00 30 00 36 00 62 01   ..0.6.b.
    0010: E8 07 01 00 03 00 03 00   è.......
    0018: 13 00 30 00 36 00 62 01   ..0.6.b.
    0020: 60 09 00 00 3C 00 00 00   `...<...
    0028: 01 00 00 00 60 09 00 00   ....`...
    0030: 01 00 00 00 B0 04 00 00   ....°...
    0038: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00   ........

  • @Mohammed Jaafar You have to look at what happens leading up to the moment. The entry says 19:48:54 when the entry itself is 20:14:31 on the next reboot, so you have to go a ways back. The hope is to catch something in the act. If there are any crash dumps/minidumps in the related Windows folder, these can also be used for diagnostic purposes with the downloadable debugging tool. If it's storage related the Event Viewer should be throwing errors related to it before the moment of the freeze/crash.

  • @Sabrent 

    unfortunately, it doesn't look like it created a dump when it happened.

    if it freezes again, I look into it to see if it makes one

    for now I'm a ram test to see if there any issues there, I don't think there will be, but just in case

    EDIT: Just finished the test, came back with no errors found

  • @Mohammed Jaafar These types of issues can be difficult to track down. Memory testing is also time-intensive for full stability, but serious issues should show up in a quicker test, so sounds like you are okay there.

  • @Sabrent The system froze up again, no blue screen, power to the keyboard & mouse was cut off, as it no lights were blinking from them.

    but as a result I'm able to get a better info from the Event Viewer

    unfortuantly that time the system froze is not shown on the event viewer

    according my the clock on my phone it happened 2:48am

    Log Name:      System
    Source:        Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power
    Date:          08/01/2024 02:51:23
    Event ID:      41
    Task Category: (63)
    Level:         Critical
    Keywords:      (70368744177664),(2)
    User:          SYSTEM
    Computer:      Main-PC
    The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.
    Event Xml:
    <Event xmlns="">
        <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power" Guid="{331c3b3a-2005-44c2-ac5e-77220c37d6b4}" />
        <TimeCreated SystemTime="2024-01-08T02:51:23.3856553Z" />
        <Correlation />
        <Execution ProcessID="4" ThreadID="8" />
        <Security UserID="S-1-5-18" />
        <Data Name="BugcheckCode">0</Data>
        <Data Name="BugcheckParameter1">0x0</Data>
        <Data Name="BugcheckParameter2">0x0</Data>
        <Data Name="BugcheckParameter3">0x0</Data>
        <Data Name="BugcheckParameter4">0x0</Data>
        <Data Name="SleepInProgress">0</Data>
        <Data Name="PowerButtonTimestamp">0</Data>
        <Data Name="BootAppStatus">0</Data>
        <Data Name="Checkpoint">0</Data>
        <Data Name="ConnectedStandbyInProgress">false</Data>
        <Data Name="SystemSleepTransitionsToOn">0</Data>
        <Data Name="CsEntryScenarioInstanceId">0</Data>
        <Data Name="BugcheckInfoFromEFI">false</Data>
        <Data Name="CheckpointStatus">0</Data>
        <Data Name="CsEntryScenarioInstanceIdV2">0</Data>
        <Data Name="LongPowerButtonPressDetected">false</Data>


    Log Name:      System
    Source:        EventLog
    Date:          08/01/2024 02:51:57
    Event ID:      6008
    Task Category: None
    Level:         Error
    Keywords:      Classic
    User:          N/A
    Computer:      Main-PC
    The previous system shutdown at 02:35:48 on ‎08/‎01/‎2024 was unexpected.
    Event Xml:
    <Event xmlns="">
        <Provider Name="EventLog" />
        <EventID Qualifiers="32768">6008</EventID>
        <TimeCreated SystemTime="2024-01-08T02:51:57.0444972Z" />
        <Correlation />
        <Execution ProcessID="0" ThreadID="0" />
        <Security />

  • @Mohammed Jaafar That definitely sounds like a hardware issue. Sudden shutdowns are often PSU-related but I cannot give advice on easily testing that. That would be my first guess, but your power supply is high quality and unlikely old enough to cause issues. GPUs can cause issues as well for variety of reasons, even in idle or 2D modes if they are overclocked. If you are able to test with a different SSD then you could see the root cause but I am unable to more widely diagnose due to the complexities of the system.

    A full load test might help diagnose, but it sounds like your issues are most commonly when idle.

  • @Sabrent I doubt it's the PSU, as you indicted it's new

    I don't think it's it the motherboard as that's also new

    that would leave the SSD and GPU,

    SSD because while your own software is saying it health, CrystalDisk is showing 83%, add to that it's over 3 years old, and is constant use, that would be my best bet

    as for the GPU, as far I can tell it have no issues with it, even though it over 4 years old.

    given the way the system freezes, it could be that SSD soomehow disconnects and what I'm seeing is what's stored in the ram.

  • @Sabrent  

    I went ahead and replaced the drive with your Sabrent 2TB Rocket 4 Plus M.2 PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD/Solid State Drive

    hopefully this will fix the freezing issue.

  • @Mohammed Jaafar Sounds good, keep me updated.

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