DS-4SSD connected to Mac - hotswap issue

  • Hi, Just took delivery of this 4 bay ssd enclosure and testing it on my Macbook Pro 2016.  With 4 SSD drives inserted, I see all 4 on my macbook and all 4 are mounted. If I then un-mount any one of these SSD drives in OSX, the second I pull the unmounted drive from the encloure, all 3 remaining drives also get momentarily disconnected and the Mac reports all drives with the 'Disk not ejected properly' error, suggesting drives have been pulled without unmounting.

    The same applies if I have 3 disks inserted and all 3 are mounted, then I add a 4th disk to the remaining unused slot - as soon as I plug in the 4th disk, all of the SSDs are momentarily disconnected, and the mac reports this as an error. So basically, the enclosure is not hot-swapable as I believed it would be.

    This is a monumental PITA, and I am not sure if I should return the enclosure. If anyone knows of a fix for this, I'd really appreciate it.

    Thanks, Paul

  • @Paul Atherton This has recently come to our attention. The primary chipset used does support hot plug, but when combined with another chipset for the DS-4SSD configuration the unit is not fully hot-swappable. We are working to revise the unit and have taken in all feedback to do so to make it easier to use.

    That said, our 5-bay (DS-5R15) uses different hardware and is a newer SKU, and is hot-swappable.

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