DS-4SSD - maintain power state after dc power disconnection?

  • Looking to see if there is a way that after disconnecting and reconnecting power to the unit, the power button state can be maintained? I plan to use the unit in a multimedia setup where it is located inside a (fairly inaccessible) unit and at the end of each day, the power to the multimedia setup will be disconnected (its on a boat with limited power). I would like that when I apply power to the multimedia setup, the unit is automatically powered up without the need to go digging in the cupboard to push the power button. Is this possible? Are there any configuration settings available via firmware for this please?

  • @Paul Atherton We have been asked about this many times. People often want auto power-on, but the reason we don't offer this is because it increases the risk of data loss in cases where power is regularly interrupted. Ideally, the unit would have battery backup to prevent that. I don't know that it's possible to make it work the way you want with the current hardware configuration.

  • Solution! If you keep both buttons held down at power up the unit and fan powers on automatically. Works after a power fail. I used some painters tape and small rubber feet to press down on the buttons. . The trick is aligning the feet on the tape - holding the buttons down while pulling that tape tight on the body of the DS-4SSD. Works great. I use my DS-4SSD as a NAS with a raspberry PI 5.

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