SABRENT Scheda SD 256GB v60 - SD-TL60-256GB no longer detected by camera/pc

  • Good morning, I was shooting at a wedding with the newly purchased Fuji X-T5. machine set to raw. 
    after about 2 hours of photos (about 1000 shots recorded) the camera gave a "writing error" on the display.
    from that moment the card was no longer readable, no longer detected by the camera and no longer detected
    by either a Mac or a Windows PC.

    above there are 1000 photos of an important non-repeatable event, what can I do? I am desperate

  • @tino serraiocco It is difficult to retrieve data from modern SSD cards if it's not readable on the camera or through a card reader. Some specialized data recovery services may be able to restore the data.

  • @Sabrent not work, tested yesterday afternoon. i have loose my work . never sabrent again


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