DS-4SSD - new version?

  • Hi!

    A year ago, together we've discovered that the DS-4SSD has an old chip flashed with a broken firmware (JMS567 flashed to pretend to be JMS561U), and you've mentioned that you'll request them to be redesigned with a newer chip (JMS578) that has a proper firmware and supports TRIM/UNMAP properly.

    Are we there yet? Do those JMS578-based devices exist, and what's the chance of getting one of those and not the old one if I order one now?

  • @mad-jester Check out the DS-5R15.

  • @Sabrent Oh, there is a new model! Cool! 😄 I was definitely not expecting it being so simple!

    It's almost twice as expensive, but it has 5 slots, and it's 10Gbps USB 3.2. And I assume it supports basically anything you can wish for. Linux is not listed in the supported OS list though. 😛

    - It's based on JMS578, right?

    - It doesn't do RAID, does it?

    - Does it support hot-plugging and hot-swapping individual drives? My DS-4SSD does not, and it will stop all four drives if you try to "Eject" one of them. It will also overwrite their names with stuff like "SABRENT DISK00" for some reason. This one "behaves as expected" in this regard, right?

    At this price, an alternative solution of five EC-UASP's and one HB-U930 at $100 total becomes more interesting though, with an added bonus of being able to power individual drives on and off.

  • @mad-jester Linux should be supported. I'd have to verify the chip(s) being used, which could impact hot-swappability.

  • @mad-jester Is using the ASM235CM, ASM1543, VL822.

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