Dual enclosure tb3 drive

  • Hi, have the Asus ThunderboltEX 4 card and the Sabrent Dual Enclosure drive with x2 NVMEs as a spanned drive. I'm having an enourmous problem getting the drive to appear in windows. It was working fine until today (although I had same issues getting it working the first time around, but can't remember how I resolved it back then). I've ensured that all bios, drivers and TB firmware are current. The Asus card appears as working in Device Manager and the drive itself appears TB Control Centre. The issue as far as I can tell is that PCIe tunneling is disabled with not way of enabling. I've tried the card in both the PCIEx4 and PCIEx16_2 slots (it was originally working OK in the x4 slot) and both show th drive but as unconnected. Drive light is orange.

    TB is enabled in BIOS and all relevant BIOS settings are fine AFAIK.

    I know this is a common issue but there appears to be no solution documented anywhere. Very grateful for any help/advice.

    For ref:


    CPU =  i9-11900KF

    TB Card = Asus ThunderboltEX 4

  • @sober.council The ASUS forums may be able to assist better. I see an older post here that is using a different motherboard, but ASUS suggest a specific slot has to be used. I would recommend making a thread there and seeing if they have any board-specific information for your case, at least as a starting point. If you do get any good information, please report back here so we can document this. There are multiple things that can interfere with TB PCIe tunneling, unfortunately, from drivers to UEFI.

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