EC-CH2B keeps disconnecting

  • I have two drives in my EC-CH2B connected to my MacBook Pro M3, and several times a day the drives just disconnect from the Mac (and it complains that I didn't eject them first). To get them to reconnect I have to power cycle the dock. 

    Suggestions for how to get the drives to stay mounted are welcome.


  • Hi, I've the same issue.. MBP (Sonoma) with 4TB SSD it keeps getting disconnected. Lower memory drive 2TB is fine.. and I tried in iMac (intel - Sonoma) works fine.

    After disconnecting it doesn't even show on the Disk Utility app. How to fix it ? 

    Becuase of its 4TB compatibility I got 2 SSDs but Enclosure not supporting .. Any suggestions.

  • @mike @vivek55 We are aware of both of these posts and will be investigating this issue. In some rare cases, this could be a result of a damaged product, but in others it is a compatibility or configuration issue with some systems and USB/power settings. macOS can be a bit finicky especially.

  • Mine isn't even powering on now. I tried a hot swap, now drives spin up HDD, but no lights come on even when plugged in, fresh restart, and switching ports. 

  • @sean.farringtonib Possibly the power supply or dock has failed.

    As for the previous comment from vivek, we tested this with a 20TB HDD and had no issue.

  • I'm having the same issue with a 4TB WD Black on a Macbook Pro M3. Any resolution?

  • @chrissgroi I will check up on this but, if possible, try a different cable or an adapter (USB-A) if possible.

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