EC-UASP - sold out?

  • I see that EC-UASP are sold out. Are there plans to get more of them, or are they superseded by a newer product?

    Notable features that make EC-UASP stand out from the other similar products are:
    - Tool-less SSD installation
    - Aluminium case IIRC?
    - Type-A to Type-A cable - this is the only connector that is actually really able to handle enough power, has enough grip to not accidentally disconnect, and is not prone to falling off the mainboard

  • @mad-jester These are still available on Amazon, if required. I would have to check about stock but SATA to USB has not changed much, but it's possible to improve on it to 6Gbps. USB-C can work if it's integrated and has a USB-A adapter, and it is true USB-C doesn't make for the most reliable connection over time. We use a variety of materials, from plastic to aluminum or both, which depends on the product. 

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