Sabrent ec-snve + WD SN850x 4Tb not recognized in S22 (android one ui 6.0)

  • Hello,

    I was using with success the sabrent ec-snve + MICRON MTFDKBA512TFK-1BC15ABYY SSD nvme 500Gb to stock files for my smartphone (samsung s22 with one UI 6.0 android). But I recently bought a 4Tb drive (WD SN850X) and while I can use it normally when plugged into my computer (window 10), android does not see it. "usb connected" appears briefly then disappears and nothing shows up in the file explorer. The blue LED of the sabrent keeps on blinking blue. Both SSD are formatted in exFAT using Acronis true image for Sabrent.

    I have tried to change the usb settings in android but it does not change. I have looked at power consumption and the old ssd uses 3.3V for 2.5A while the new uses 3.3VDC for 2.8A, resulting in a difference of ~1W. Do you think that could be enough for the phone to not read it ? I have read to use a powered docking station. Eventually I will buy one to test this hypothesis but I need this device on the go so I would prefer not. I have not found any external battery + docking station to buy. Too bad that would be a nice product to have.

    Anyone encountered a similar issue or have any idea ?

    Thanks a lot in advance : )


  • The 512GB Micron is rated for <5.5W active read while the 4TB SN850X could be as much as 8.0W. So, this might be a power issue. Phones are generally not designed to handle that kind of load over USB-C even at lower end connection speeds. Possibly a firmware update could help in some cases, for the drive and/or enclosure. A separate power source may help, too.

  •  Yes, I have the same issue except I am using the plug in docking station.   I get the same flashing blue light, my WD_Black SN850X starts out fine, but after about 10 seconds the whole thing crashes.   I have to power cycle the dock and the process repeats itself.     

    After a little research, this seems to be a VERY common problem only with the WD brand SSDs!   The brand of MB doesn't seem to matter, the type of dock, which USB port it's plugged into, etc., etc....   the common thread throughout every complaint is that it's always a WD SSD.

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