Is there a way to disable SLEEP MODE so the drives stay on

  • In dual drive bay,EC-HD2B, i have all the windows 11 power settings configured to keep drives powered up and i have USB ports also set to always powered and selective suspend turned OFF.  Yet, the bay still puts the drives to sleep.  Is there any way to make the drives stay powered up?  If not PLEASE remove the SLEEP MODE feature from your next model, or at least give us a way to turn it off.  Huge time waste waiting 5 to 10 seconds for spin ups.  thank you

  • @kjf2007 It should be possible to keep the drives awake, although it may require third party software such as NoSleepHD as the bay's sleep is dependent on prolonged drive inactivity.

  • @Sabrent Thanks for this suggestion, but using third party software, or in any way forcing a periodic drive write to keep it alive, is not an acceptable solution.  NoSleepHD looks pretty sketchy as its creator site does not even exist any longer, AND it requires an older version of NET FRAMEWORK to run.  Regardless, I don't want to have another process running to solve an issue which should be addressable from the device itself.   I could just write a bat file to copy a small file to the drive and set up a task to have it run every 10 minutes, but I don't want to do that either.  WHY do you build SLEEP MODE into the bays when Windows itself has at least 2 separate sleep modes that default to ON which will put the drives and the port to sleep anyway unless the user bothers to adjust WINDOWS?

  • @kjf2007 Any disk activity should prevent the docking station from going to sleep. It auto-sleeps because it's not designed to work as a NAS or anything like that. It's made for docking, transferring, swapping drives, cloning, etc., where prolonged access can be detrimental or unwanted.

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