USB-KCPD - Not recognizing Screen

  • I have an USB-KCPD with one Samsung Screen and a Lenovo Thinkbook (pc1) and a Mackbook-Pro M3.(pc2).
    Boths port are connected with powersources. And the common Keyboard/mouse are connected to the Sabrent USB-KCPD (Logitech Wireless).

    When switching from the Mackbook (PC2) to the Lenovo (PC1) the screen from the Samsung stays Black but seems to be connected. Only after switching off and on the screen i will get the output of the Lenovo. 

    The Macbook-Pro is on the latest OS version with all updates, The Lenovo is on Windows 10 with all the latest updates.

    Is there a way to solve this?

  • @rob Coenders I asked about this and was told that drivers should be verified as updated, a different port can be tried (if applicable), and that different display modes/versions (such as HDMI revision) should be tried. While we test on Apple hardware, there are many versions of the Thinkbook.

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