Using the USB-c 'hub'?

  • I'm using the Sabrent 3.2 5bay docking station as my server connected to a laptop via the USB-c 'main'. Works fine, no issues. 

    My question: Can I use the USB 'hub' to connect to my NAS for my backup? The NAS would be backing up my docking station server.


  • The USB hub chipset that's used is designed for one upstream port and one or more downstream ports, with the downstream ports routed to upstream. Expectations are that this would not work.

    Update: we have since tested this and indeed it probably won't work.

  • @Sabrent Bummer... Thanks for testing! I tried and could not make it work either... BTW, The 5-bay docking station is terrific!

  • We are always testing our products for edge cases to help improve support.

    Thank you! We are proud of offering products that push the envelope a bit, particularly with capacity.

  • Just wanted to add my vote of support. I have the DS-SC5B. Would be interested in using the second USB port in parallel with the first one to increase bandwidth. Linux (Debian-based Proxmox) server.

  • @Daniel Vondra I believe it would require changing or adding a chipset. I am passing on the suggestion now.

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