Sabrent customer service is only through email

  • The phone support web page provides a phone number for calling customer support.

    When calling that number, an automated menu prompts the caller to press 1 for customer service or 2 for technical support.

    Both options result in being connected to technical support. There is no phone access to customer service. I confirmed by me during a call to the support number as well as by contact through the web site contact form ( there is a "Contact Reason" dropdown with a "Customer Service" option.

    During the call when speaking to technical support, I was advised the send email to with "Attention customer support" in the subject line. Personally, that is not an approach I consider viable as a means of contacting customer service, hoping that email to a generic support email address with relatively arbitrary wording in the subject subject line would reach customer service and gain a response.

    Technical support did not inform me of the contact form on the Sabrent website. 

    I used the contact form to contact customer service who responded quickly for which I commend them.

    I strongly encourage Sabrent to:

    1. Clarify on the Sabren support web pages ( and that only technical support is available through the phone number provided and thereby save customer from wasting time and effort seeking contact with customer service through a phone call.

    2. Provide guidance to technical support representives that the preferred customer service contact method is through, selecting "Custom Service" in the "Contact Reason" dropdown.

  • Thank you for your feedback, I am passing this along.

  • Thank you.

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