Sabrent 10-bay (ds-uctb) power on/off switches

  • I have buyed recently a 10-bay sabrent (ds-uctb).

    Great product, great quality, I like it a lot.

    I would like to know if fs there any way in can I turn on all the disks at the same time and automatically, not having to turn it on one by one and every time I turn on/off my system or in case of a blackout. I have a lot of them, and they are extremely long (enoguhr to my SAI to run out).

    Thank you!!

    Edit: Anyone know witch chipset uses: JSMicron, ASMedia, other?

    Once more, Thank you!!!

  • I have a similar situation, it remains OFF after a blackout never goes ON unless you press the power button for every HDD, this is very annoying :/

    Maybe this behabiour can be fixed with some firmware update?


    PD: It seems that uses ASMedia chipset.

  • @jaime pascual @B. Segui The DS-UCTB should be using the ASM235CM but I will confirm. You may be able to check with something like the USB Device Tree Viewer. You may be able to get the firmware revision this way, too. I will pass the issue on to see if this is fixable with an update. Thanks!

  • It's the ASM1151E

    Hope it is a fixable and easy change on the firmware. Default turned on and if you press it is turned off. wpuld be perfect and convenient IMO.

    For future versions or other similar producots I thing would be better with switches instead of butons, like syba 8-bay have, great product idea too, but low on quality materiasl and bad stability, it turns off whenever he pleases, anyways... They have phisical on/off switches, witch makes on/off state management easy and fast and you can rely on that.

    Thank you!!

  • @jaime pascual Thank you. I will pass this information and have it double-checked, and tested if possible. This is a popular product.

  • Hi,
    When the firmware fix will be released? Please, keep us updated.

    Currently, I am doing a review with some tests and this wrong starting behaviour it is important.

  • @B. Segui I am not sure if this feature will be available or not. It's possibly designed this way to be power-saving. There may be work-arounds related to that. I am sending all information along as feedback.

  • @Sabrent Please Keep us informed about this new possible firmware as much as you can. I have another NAS that need to be replaced and I'm waiting to see how this resolves, if it goes well I'll be buying a second Sabrent 10-bay 4sure.

    Thank you!!

  • @jaime pascual It is my understanding this may have been a design choice to save power. If so, a UPS should alleviate the issue, unless I am misunderstanding. I realize that is not ideal but is an example of a workaround. I have in any case passed the suggestion on.

  • First of all, thank you for your support. I know, by myself, that understading users needes/problems and transfering them to another team it's no easy matter.

    At this point is not a UPS thing!

    I want to ensure operability of my NAS in case of an emergency and if it cannot return to a normal state after a powroff, I cannot rely on them for that, and I want to, I really really want to.

    Moreover 10 disks are a lot of disks, needing to press all of the buttons manually to start the system is anoying, and I want to have, some of them, pressing 20/30/40 buttons are a lot of buttons... I know, it's only in case of an outage.

    Summarizing: I think this turn on feature for saving power is more like an obstacle than a help.

    As I said early this desing can be improved with physical on/off switches instead of buttons.

    Thanks a lot!

  • @jaime pascual It appears this only happens on complete power loss which may make it unavoidable based on design. There are reasons you don't want things to power back on after an intermittent power loss, plus also of course there are higher-end products for mission-critical use that's outside our product offerings. I realize this is frustrating for your use case. I will pass the information on anyway in case the firmware can be modified, if not it is still useful knowledge for future products or revisions.

  • @jaime pascual I was informed that it's not possible to change this on the existing model. We do recommend a UPS if possible and have taken these concerns into consideration for future products.

  • Ugh I came here to post this about my DS-SC5B (5 bay model) - it went offline due to a power issue and I would have figured it'd come back on. Sabrent can you tell us a way even if it voids warranty to "trick" it back online after a power issue? I will have them on UPS, but when the UPS inevitably runs out, when power comes back on I want everything to come back. It should be an option. I was about to buy my third unit and I was gone from home recently for a while and had to have someone manually come press the buttons to turn the disks on.

  • I've had to resort to looking for different products for this now, if I can't rely on a system being able to come back online, that's a pretty critical feature gap. Almost all the products in this space seem to have that same question and don't support it, but I did find one, finally.

  • @mike I have posted information about this above and asked our team about the feature. It's working as designed for safety reasons. One example would be in the case of multiple outages where hardware could be damaged. It is not something that can be officially changed in these products, but the desire for the option has been noted for future designs. We cannot prevent you from modifying the hardware but if it leads to damage to your system or hard drives then that is your responsibility.

  • @Sabrent understood about both hardware and "why" - however, there's a reason computers have BIOS settings for auto powering on and things should have that capability. Users are always able to abuse or mess up something at their own risk. Powering on after a power loss just makes sense to allow. Especially since _a lot_ of people ask on all these kind of products that same question, and the users' PC is probably configured to automatically power on after loss... and then their disks are just lying there completely useless.

  • @mike I am passing this feedback on. Our goal is to make user-friendly products when possible but sometimes there are limitations.

  • I would like to add that auto-power on after a power failure would be a really great feature to have.  Also, I would very much like to be able to configure the timeout for disk inactivity.  Currently the disks seem to power down within a minute or so of inactivity, which is far too short.  I'd like to be able to configure the disks to powerdown after say 20 minutes of inactivity.  Or possible even never.  I realize this is a design decision around power savings, but giving the user the ability to configure these settings would make this product so much better.

  • @hannah It's possible that some of these can be modified in firmware, as is the case with some enclosures and timeouts, but we do not officially support such user modifications. I am not sure if Windows power settings has any effect. In any case, I am forwarding this feedback.

  • I have the DS-SC5B - I don't see any firmware downloads for that product, just the manual.  The Windows power settings don't have any effect.

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