Sabrent 10-bay (ds-uctb) power on/off switches

  • @hannah That should be using the ASMedia ASM235CM but may be able to be confirmed with USB Device Tree Viewer. We do not currently offer a firmware update and do not support customer manipulation of firmware but it could be possible. Our device is intentionally designed but we take feedback into consideration.

  • I was looking at this and the DS-SC5B 5-bay enclosure but having the drives spin up after a power failure is critical to my application. I like sabrent but this needs to be fixed with an update or something. Maybe a "Gen2" version with a DIP switch or something? Here's hoping...

  • @Gregory Estes It's something we will look into for future products.

  • Did anyone ever figure out bypassing the individual 10 power buttons?  Even if it voids my warranty I'd be willing to try it.  Gotta be some way to open the enclsoure up and bypass the individual 10 power buttons so that the drive's power is only controlled by the physical switch on the back of the enclosure right??

  • @michaelzoradi I have a different model, the round 4 bay one with one power button for four drives. It didn't start after losing power which was a real problem in my server setup (and really stupid not to have the option).

    When I hold down the button for 3 seconds (or longer) while the device gets power from the grid again, it will autoststart. So what I did was put something on the button and then a tape on it and around the whole device. That works... 

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