DS-UCTB - 10 bay drive enclosure - Powering Off

  • Hi,

    When the computer is turned off does this unit completly turn off without the need to switch it off at the back? ie. all the fans go off?

    Is there a video online anywhere showing the fan noise?



  • @Richard Hanks The unit should sleep with system sleep or shutdown. The fan is relatively quiet, I'm not sure if this has been measured in review. NASCompares has a good video review but there are others. I have sent along a request to see if I can get precise dB values.

  • The reason i asked was because i bought the similar item sold by your competitor over in Germany and was dissapointed by it not auto shutting down. The drives and fan shut down but the power supply fan doesn't so i have to get under my desk every day and turn the thing on and off. Quite a disappointment. The fans were also very noisy. So it's a shame i can't see video evidence of how your's operates as it leaves me unconviced it will be different - though you do have a different power/fan arrangement on yours. I'd seen NASCompares. An informative review of the box, but unfortunately he doesn't turn it on.. thinking of sending this one back and buying yours but don't want to be similarly dissapointed.

  • @Richard Hanks "When the host machine sleeps or powers off, the fans and HDDs in the 10-bay enclosure sleep and go silent" is the reply I received. I do not think I can get an in-operation recording, but I will see if there are dB ratings from the factory.

  • I bought one and indeed shutting down the PC turns the drives and fans off. The operating level of the fans are also fine - barely noticeable. The box is also smaller than the other one i was talking about. All round a nice product (if a bit pricey). Thanks.

  • @Richard Hanks Thank you for the feedback. Glad it works for you!

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