Windows 11 Support for Serial Adapter

  • Hello, I recently updated my computer to Windows 11 and I am unable to use the "USB 2.0 To Serial DB9 Male RS 232 Cable Adapter". The pictures below show the error messages that I'm getting. Here are a few things I tried: updated my computer to the absolute latest, reinstalled the driver, manualy installed the driver from the Sabrent website, and manually installed driver version Please let me know if any more information would be helpful, thank you.





  • @Maty Blanc This seems to be a Windows 11 problem with newer drivers. As I am sure you have discovered, the primary suggestion is to completely uninstall/remove the driver through Device Manager and then to install an older revision of the driver after unplugging the device.

  • @Sabrent Thank you, that driver seemed to do the trick. I won't be back in the office, to physically try it out, till next week but I am at least not getting the error message anymore.

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