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  • Hi,

    • I've had a compatibility issue with a Rocket 4 plus SSD card I purchased from Sabrent. I've been in touch with customer support through email since Nov.17,2022.
      Customer support told me to drop the return off at a mailbox. Which I did. The return shipping label was actually FedEx and has been lost in the mail. I've tried contacting the post office and Fedex to no avail. Customer support I was working with did not seem to care at all. They closed the case through an email saying they sent me another Fedex shipping label... Why? Would appreciate some help from a different customer service agent.

  • @Ryan Rayna You may be able to open a new case with technical support. What does the FedEx tracking say about the package? FedEx should be able to provide something. If the drive is a recent purchase it should be managed with the vendor, otherwise it will end up with our customer support.

  • Hi,

    The Fedex tracking says they tried to deliver to my house but I'm at work all day.

    I checked the tracking. It stated a final delivery attempt was done but still shows as package being held at a nearby location. When I try to sign up for redelivery the Fedex website just freezes up.

    Tried calling. Left a voicemail and haven't heard anything back from them.

    The drive was purchased from Sabrent.com

  • @Ryan Rayna Let me know if you have gotten satisfaction on this issue. Thank you.

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