Is source M.2 SDD will be wipe after being cloned on new M.2 SSD?

  • Hello every one.  Just a simple question.  I'm about to clone M.2 SSD (256 Mb) to a brand new one, larger (1Tb).

    Never did a cloning procedure before but a lot system back-up.

    I was about to use Macrium Reflect 8 and before doing anything, I stopped because a box said the source HDD will be crushed after operation.

    I'm using Sabrent EC-SNVE adaptor.  I Have downloaded Acronis from Sabrent and the guide.  Read about cloning but didn't see anything about risk on source SSD.  I will back-up the source on a back-up HDD before doing anything cause the source contain the OS Windows too.

    Can someone has any feedback on cloning.

    Thank you very much for your help and time.

  • @Jean-Guy Bernier The source SSD is only being read from so should not have any data destruction. The destination drive will. Make sure the correct drives are selected for source and destination. Backing up your data is a good idea.

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