Sabrent Docking Station | Does USB Type C PD port also support data xfer?

  • Hello!
    I’m hoping to find information ASAP on the time-sensitive questions below.  I’m a professional, commercial photographer with a very high profile, imminent photo shoot.

    I am in search of a hub or docking station that 
    1. Allows a USB C data connection with my Dell Inspiron Laptop/Win10 (non-Thunderbolt)
    2. Has two or (preferably) three additional USB C ports that allow data transfer.
    3. I have no power delivery requirements

    Here’s my setup:
    1. I have 3 external devices, each with a USB C port
    ---a. Nikon Z9 camera (Nikon flagship).  The USB C port is both data and PD capable.
    ---b. Two external SSDs, each with USB C ports.
    2. I currently use another small hub that has the right ports, but it is unreliable, and will go offline randomly/unpredictably.

    I am slated to shoot the executive team (headshots) of a billion-dollar company in the immediate future.  I need to find a hub/docking station that will meet my requirements.  I’m hoping yours does.

    When shooting tethered, camera and laptop are connected via USB C.  All data transfer from camera is stored on one of the SSDs.  The other SSD is used as backup disk.  No data is stored on the laptop’s internal SSD.

    I’m looking at the SABRENT USB Type C Dual 4K Universal Docking Station with USB C Power Delivery (DS-WSPD), which I believe has a total of three USB C ports.

    Critical questions:  
    1. Which port on the Sabrent dock is used to connect with my laptop?
    2. Can the USB C port on the Sabrent dock connect with my laptop?  Specifically for data (not interested in power).
    3. Is the USB C PD port on the dock strictly for power, or will transfer data as well?
    4. If the Sabrent model I have mentioned doesn’t have the set of ports I need, do you have another Sabrent hub/dock you can recommend?

    Hoping for a quick answer.  Thank you.

  • @Jerry Levin I do not think the DS-WSPD is the appropriate solution for your specified requirements. We do have one or more Thunderbolt 4 hubs coming out that would satisfy your needs but your operation is time sensitive. I would recommend a TB4 hub with appropriate USB-C connections, although it is possible to adapt from Type-A. You would likely require a power source of some sort to power sufficient devices as well. The DS-WSPD is quite large and more than what you require, having Ethernet, audio, and HDMI/DP functionality, but you can plug your laptop into the rear for data with two forward USB-C at 5 Gbps.

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