Update software incompatible with macOS.

  • I have a Sabrent Rocket Plus SSD. Unfortunately, it's firmware will never be updated as Sabrent doesn't allow it's proprietary software to run an macos. It's a shame such software is even required for a simple drive firmware update, but it should at least be accessible to all users if that's how it has to be.

  • @Duncan Wider software support is something we are looking into, or at least a bootable option. Our drives use firmware based off of Phison's in most cases. A Windows focus is unfortunately typical. I will pass on the feedback.

  • I also came here to find out how to update it if it needs an update.

    I got a Rocket NVMe 4 1Tb yesterday that ejects itself after being connected for a while.

    I gave up using PCs years ago and only have a work one because they pay me. I might have to return this after all.

  • @Andy Smith I'm not sure what you meant by "ejects itself," are you using an enclosure or anything like that? If you mean the drive is physically in an M.2 socket and disappears then assuming the system is set up properly and the drive is installed properly I would return, replace, or RMA. Make sure the drive is not overheating. I do not believe there is a firmware update for it.

  • Wait, so I have 16Tb os Sabrent Rocket Q drives on a Sonnet card in an expansion chassis hooked up to my Mac and I CANNOT update the firmware on them?  That's ridiculous.  I noticed that the drives take a long time to index and I figured they needed a firmware update and now I can't update them on a Mac?  That's insane.  This is 2023.  That has to be fixed.  There has to be a way to update the firmware.  Please let me know of a fix. 

  • Is there a way to update the firmware with a Mac running Parallels?


  • @Chris Testa Those drives do not require a firmware update.

  • @Sabrent Samsung has a similar issue with updating their firmware on SSDs and they have figured out a way to provide an iso image on a USB stick (that a Mac can be booted from). It can be done.

  • @John P This is commonly requested and I will pass the information on. We have been working hard to be careful with our Mac support on devices and have been testing that hardware more. Software is a bit more complicated but it's something we intend to address. A bootable option would be ideal.

  • I'm also a Mac user with 4x 8TB Rocket Plus 4s. Is there a way to even verify which version firmware my SSDs shipped with? I can provide serials if helpful. In the case that I need to update them, is it possible that I can take them out of my external closure and bring them to a friend's PC to update via BIOS? Will this erase my data? Thanks.

  • @Alex I Tyson Tyson The 8TB Rocket 4 Pluses should have the newest firmware as that capacity came out later and required specific firmware. You can check the firmware revision through Apple, System Information, and NVMExpress. In some cases, Phison's firmware updating utilities are destructive, which means data loss. We try to offer versions that don't do this, but there is also some risk involved.

  • Has there been any solution to this problem? I have a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) with Sabrent Rocket Q4 2TB SSD. I updated my system to Monterey and now I'm having frequent kernel panics. Cause is "3rd party NVMe controller", current Firmware is RKT40Q.2. I need to upgrade the firmware to be able to use my computer.

  • @robinhaynes We would like to offer at least a bootable firmware option, if possible, and I've sent that request down the pipeline. Windows To Go through Rufus could work in the meantime but I understand it is not the most elegant solution.

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