Control Panel Not Loading Then Crashing

  • Just got the 2230 1tb and the control panel software loads about half way and crashes. Have been able to replicate it on 7 different computers running windows 10 and 11 and even a MacBook running windows 10. Is there something special that I need to do just to get your software to open? 

  • Nothing special should be required. Be sure to run it as administrator and also make sure no security software is blocking the application. We tested it here in the office with the Rocket 2230 installed and the CP did load just fine.

  • @Sabrent can I run your software with the drive in an enclosure? I need to update its firmware so I can use the cloning software because I can't use the cloning software until the firmware is updated. 

  • @Tyler Bates It may or may not work in an enclosure. Enclosures may present themselves as SCSI devices with how the bridge controller works and this requires passthrough.

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