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SBT-UPPC, Driver Installation and Printer Setup

Solution This cable is Plug-and-Play in Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

When you plug it into a USB port, Windows will auto-detect it and install the built-in Microsoft driver. You should see a "USB Printing Support" under "Universal Serial Bus controllers" in Device Manager.

Now install the latest printer driver for your operating system from the printer manufacturer. This will add an icon for your printer in "Devices and Printers".

Go into the Printer Properties of your printer.

Click on the "Ports" tab and make sure the printer is using the USB port.

Now click on "Advanced" tab. There are three different ways to the send print jobs.

1. Start printing after last page is spooled.

2. Star printing immediately.

3. Print directly to printer.

Try each setting, click Apply, and go back to "General" tab to print a test page.
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