4-Port USB 2.0 Hub

With Power Switches | Black
  • Instantly add four USB 2.0 ports to all compatible devices.
  • Easy setup, plug & play, and hot-swappable.
  • Gain four downstream ports which offer Hi-Speed (480Mbps), Full Speed (12Mbps), and Low Speed (1.5Mbps) support.
  • Intelligently designed to be as thin as possible, allowing you to maximize precious workspace or travel with ease.
  • Backward compatible with USB 1.1 devices and hosts.

Product Features

4 In 1

Instantly add four USB 2.0 ports to any compatible device

Easy Setup

Easy setup, plug & play, and hot-swappable

Full USB 2.0 Speed

Achieve 480 Mbps on each port, or daisy-chain multiple hubs to a maximum of 127 devices

Power Switches

Power switches with blue LEDs to indicate the power status for each port

Expand Your Computer Capabilities

Easily add up to 4 devices with the Sabrent USB 2.0 Hub. Particularly great for recent notebooks that provide a limited number of USB ports. Achieve 480 Mbps on each port, or daisy-chain multiple hubs to a maximum of 127 devices. Fully backwards compatible with USB 1.1 products.


Please Note:
For a stable connection, the devices connected to the 4 Port Hub must not exceed a combined current of 500mA at 5V. External hard drives should be connected to an external power source. This 4 Port hub will not charge your devices, it will only sync them.

Tech Specs







System Requirements

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • macOS 9.1 & Higher
  • Linux 2.4 or Above


3.4 in.

1.4 in.

0.6 in.

‎‎1.7 oz.

Package Content

  • 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub



1-year warranty without registration

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If I plug this into the front of my computer and let it dangle will it fall out?

This is not recommended, but make sure the USB cable fits snugly into the port before use.

How long is the integrated USB cable?

This hub has a 10" USB cable.

Can I plug it to my TV to power a streaming device?

If the device only requires 2.5W of power (500mA at 5V), then yes.