USB C Hub 7-Port 48W Powered Hub

with Switches
  • Practical design that fits seamlessly into any setup with an integrated, braided USB-C upstream cable with seven total downstream USB 5Gbps ports (USB 3.2 Gen 1x1)
  • Includes power supply and unit overcurrent protection for additional reliability
  • Three USB-C ports provide up to 5V/900mA for newer and higher power peripherals such as external storage with a fourth that can deliver up to 20W (PD) for charging your phone, tablet, or other high draw devices
  • Three USB-A ports provide up to 5V/500mA, perfect for devices such as keyboards, mice, and flash drives
  • Aluminum alloy base construction with per port, self-locking switches and independent status LEDs
  • Plug and play compatibility with popular operating systems including Windows, macOS, and Linux for effortless connectivity

Product Features

7-Port Hub

The Sabrent 7-Port USB Hub with Switches (HB-3A4C) is your singular solution for adding multiple USB ports to your favorite laptop, desktop, Deck, Ally, or other device. A total of seven switchable ports gives you unmatched control. 

Plenty Of USB

Plentiful ports for output with three 5Gbps (USB Gen 3.2 1x1) 5V/500mA USB-A ports and four 5Gbps USB-C ports. Plenty of ports to go around for devices of all types, from keyboards and mice to external storage.


Three of the USB-C ports provide 5V/900mA for power-hungry devices while the fourth provides up to 20W of power delivery (PD). The included power adapter makes sure you can power multiple devices simultaneously with 48W of total input power.

Clear And Consistent

Every port is switchable with a clear status LED. This gives you simple and direct control over your peripherals. Rugged construction provides additional physical support and heat dissipation for sustained operation.

Host multiple accessories

The Sabrent 7-Port Hub with Switches (HB-3A4C) is just like our popular and convenient 4-port switchable hubs but with even more ports. This one has three 5Gbps (USB 3.2 Gen 1x1) USB-A ports, capable of delivering 5V/500mA of power for basic accessories. The four 5Gbps USB-C ports provide even more power: three at 5V/900mA, and one at a whopping 20W. This hub can handle device charging and host multiple accessories at the same time. We’ve included a power adapter to make this a powered hub with up to 48W of total input power to keep things reliably connected.


Each of these seven ports has its own switch to independently enable/disable the attached device, accessory, or peripheral. Per-switch/per-port status is clearly indicated with white LEDs. This gives you direct, clear control over multiple devices with the push of a button. This is handy for managing gamepads, headsets, wireless receivers, keyboards, mice, and much more. Mount the hub where you need it and never worry: the aluminum alloy construction is tough and provides enhanced heat dissipation for sustained operation under any conditions. It’s the perfect companion to any laptop, desktop, or portable device.

Tech Specs







System Requirement

● Windows.
● macOS.
● Linux.


5.5 in.

0.69 in.

1.96 in.

10.6 oz.

What's in the Box?

● 7-Port Powered USB-C Hub with Independent Switches.
● Power adapter (12V/4A).
● User manual.


1-year warranty without registration

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