As a device for Sabrent Rocket Control Panel you can use:

• Gen 3 Sabrent Rocket NVMe
• Gen 4 Sabrent Rocket NVMe
• Sabrent Rocket Q

How do I check if there are available updates applicable to
my drive’s Firmware?

To check for new firmware updates, you first need to make sure that the proper drive has been selected from the dropdown menu at the top left, then click on the firmware update icon.

You can then click check now.
The program will now read your device firmware and check if there is a newer version available online.

If there are no new firmware available you will get the following message:

If there is a new firmware you will get this instead

Click yes and follow the onscreen instructions until the device’s firmware has been successfully updated.

Please note that in order to upgrade the Sabrent’s Rocket firmware you need to have it connected to a compatible M.2 slot or through a thunderbolt 3 enclosure.