SSD & Memory Buying Guide

This quick guide will help you locate the product you need!

We recommend our Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus with the PS5 Heatsink. For those on a budget, our Rocket NVMe 4.0 and Rocket Q4 are good options, if coupled with our PS5 heatsink. All three drives may also work without the heatsink.

Unregistered products typically carry a 1-year warranty, which with registration will be extended to a 2-, 3-, or 5-year warranty.

Any of our SSDs will work with our enclosures if you're so inclined. However, we also offer the Rocket Nano and Nano Rugged - the latter if you expect tougher terrain. If you need maximum performance, our Rocket XTRM-Q is perfect.

We have M.2 2280 SSDs to meet all needs. The Gen4 drives, particularly the Rocket 4 Plus, are made for maximum performance. Our QLC drives, like the Q and Q4, offer capacity at the best price. If you looking for something more entry-level, our classic Rocket has you covered.

We also provide enclosures and docks with up to two SSDs, which means up to 16TB of storage. Our enclosures will work with SSDs from other manufacturers.

We offer both SD UHS-II and CFexpress Type B cards.

We offer adapters, heatsinks, and more, which will work with our and other manufacturer SSDs.