Rocket CFX CFexpress Type B Memory Card 2-Pack

R1700MB/s W1500MB/s
• x2 PCIe 3.0 interface, CFexpress form factor, up to 3W power draw
• Up to 1,700/1,500 MBps read/write; up to 1,600/400 MBps sustained
• High endurance through LDPC, RAID ECC, end-to-end data protection, SmartRefresh, static and dynamic wear-leveling, defect management, and over-provisioning
• Support for TRIM, SMART, TCG OPAL/Pyrite, and upgradeable firmware

Product Features

Non-Stop Shooting

Don’t let slow media hold you back. From capturing once-in-a-lifetime events in your town to scenic landscapes in harsh environments across the globe, Sabrent’s CFexpress Type B Cards are designed for demanding professional use cases. 

Transfers in a Blink

Don’t let your memory card slow you down: high read and write speeds means more time shooting and less time transferring.

Tiny but Spacious

Good things come in small packages: more storage in a smaller space means you can carry all your creations at once. Don’t miss the perfect shot - avoid having to change memory cards mid-shoot. Our capacious options make sure there’s always more space when you need it.

Built to Endure

Adopting various advanced flash management techniques including LDPC and RAID error correction, end-to-end data protection, wear-leveling, defect management, and over-provisioning, Sabrent’s CFexpress cards are built to endure years of use to keep your content safe.

Never Miss a Shot

Capture the perfect visuals without compromise: Sabrent’s CFexpress Type B Cards are fast and come in a convenient range of capacities. Never miss a shot, and don’t be held back by slow media - the card’s fast, low-latency flash communicates over a x2 PCIe 3.0 interface to ensure you can keep on creating. Our cards also have a variety of features to maintain the integrity of the storage so you have one less thing to worry about.

Tech Specs






CFexpress Slot


1,700 MBps reads / 1,500 MBps writes

Flash Management

LDPC and RAID error correction, end-to-end data protection, wear-leveling, defect management, and over-provisioning,


1.16 in.

1.5 in.

0.15 in.

0.3 oz.

What's in the Box?

• 2x CFexpress Card.
• User manual.


1 year warranty without registration

Extend your warranty to 3 years with registration


Why Register Your Sabrent Product?

Registration of your Sabrent product enables us to offer you the best service through important recall notifications and proof of ownership. Registering within 90 days of your purchase makes sure you don’t forget this important step, and it allows us to extend your warranty. A 1-year warranty will be extended to a 2-, 3-, or 5-year warranty depending on the product type.