USB 3.0 Hub With Power Switches

With Individual Power Switches and LEDs
  • 7 USB 3.0 ports allow data transfer speed up to 5Gbps.
  • 3 Smart charging ports that auto-optimize current up to 2.4A per port.
  • 60W power output to charge phones, tablets, or other devices simultaneously.
  • Blue LEDs to indicate the power status of each port.
  • Fashionable, mirrored surface with a compact design.

Product Features

Super Speed

7 USB 3.0 ports allow data transfer speeds up to 5Gbps

Smart Charging

3 Smart charging ports that auto-optimize current speeds up to 2.4A per port

Intuitive Design

Blue LEDs to indicate power status for each port


Plug and play, no installation necessary

Never run out of USB ports

Attach multiple USB devices to a SuperSpeed hub with the Sabrent USB 3.0 Hub with Power Switches: it's a 7-port hub with 3 additional smart charging ports, expanded from one upstream USB 3.0 port.

Tech Specs







System Requirements

Windows OS



5.7 in.

1.9 in.

0.94 in.

10.6 oz.

Package Content

  • 7 USB 3.0 Port + 3 Smart Charging Ports Hub
  • 12V 5A Power adapter
  • USB 3.0 cable
  • User manual



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What is the difference between the charging ports and USB 3.0 ports? Can you charge in the normal USB 3.0 ports?

The charging ports delivers up to 2.4A per port for faster charging. The USB 3.0 ports can deliver up to 900mA each at the maximum.

Will this work with an external hard drive or SSD?

Yes, it will. Just bear in mind that if you have several devices connected at the same time bandwidth is divided between the ports and can influence transfer speeds.

Can I use this for connecting my peripheral devices to my system over one cable?

Yes you can.