Rocket NVMe 2242 SSD

2TB M.2 2242 PCIe 3.0 NVMe TLC SSD
  • M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 interface. Up to 2,500/2,100 MB/s.
  • NVMe 1.3 compliant with APST/ASPM/L1.2 power management support.
  • Supports SMART, TRIM, and firmware updates with wide flash compatibility.
  • Resiliency ensured through wear-leveling, bad block management, over-provisioning, ECC, RAID, etc.
  • Software support including Acronis True Image and sector size formatting utility.

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    Product Features

    Incredibly Fast

    Fast and reliable solution for typical use such as web browsing, email, gaming, streaming, and more

    Free Acronis

    All Sabrent SSDs come with Sabrent Acronis True Image for Sabrent, a free and simple to use cloning software

    Unmatched Reliability

    Lower power consumption than a hard drive, but with far better performance; also faster than a SATA SSD

    Perfect for You

    Whatever your needs are, whatever files you need stored, we have you covered with 2TB of storage in a 2242 form factor

    Incredibly Fast Next-Gen SSD

    Enter the next generation of data storage technology. The Rocket NVMe 2242 SSD delivers amazing speeds, unmatched reliability, and capacity options up to 2TB in a small package. Experience a faster, cooler, and quieter computer. Unleash your creativity and experience the future with the Sabrent Rocket NVMe 2242 SSD.

    Tech Specs






    Up to 2,500/2,100 MB/s Seq. Read/Write


    Up to 2,920TB Total Bytes Written


    1.70 in.

    0.86 in.

    0.11 in.

    0.2 oz.

    Package Content

    • M.2 2242 PCIe 3.0 NVMe TLC SSD
    • User manual



    1 year warranty without registration


    Extend your warranty to 5 years with registration


    Why Register Your Sabrent Product?

    Registration of your Sabrent product enables us to offer you the best service through important recall notifications and proof of ownership. Registering within 90 days of your purchase makes sure you don’t forget this important step, and it allows us to extend your warranty. A 1-year warranty will be extended to a 2-, 3-, or 5-year warranty depending on the product type.

    What is the warranty on this product?

    The warranty is for up to five years when registered with an endurance rating dependent on capacity.

    What kind of hardware is in this drive?

    This drive typically uses the Phison E13T controller with 96-layer BiCS4 TLC.

    What are the advantages of the 2242 form factor?

    This drive will fit in many M.2 slots and machines that cannot take longer drives, although it may still work in situations where a longer drive is supported, too.