Wireless HDMI Display Adapter Transmitter & Receiver Set

Up to 1080p@60Hz with H.265 encoding/decoding over 5GHz Wi-Fi
  • Display output up to 1080p@60Hz via H.265 encoding/decoding with HDMI 1.4a and HDCP 1.4 support
  • Supports mirror and extend display modes in Windows, macOS, and Linux with audio transmission
  • Low power consumption, designed for 1.5W
  • Low latency and long distance, using 5GHz (802.11n) 1T1R Wi-Fi
  • Channel Switch Announcement (CSA) to reduce interference
  • Compatible with desktops, laptops, projectors, cameras, AV receivers, DVD and Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, and other compliant devices

Product Features

Wireless HDMI

The Sabrent Wireless HDMI Display Adapter Transmitter & Receiver Set (DA-H1R1) is a simple and quick way to wirelessly connect your PC or device to a remote display. Perfect for presentations, photo sharing, media playback, and more.

Multiple Modes

The adapter set works on Windows, macOS, and Linux PCs in both mirror and extend display modes. Instantly show what’s on your screen or add another display. Stream and enjoy a bigger screen for your media at up to 1080p@60Hz.

Seamless FHD

This adapter set is designed to be plug-and-play with minimal user configuration. No long HDMI cable and no fuss, even on the go. Supports Channel Switch Announcement (CSA) to minimize wireless interference for a clean signal every time.

Efficient And Effective

The HDMI receiver and transmitter are each designed to pull only 1.5W of power but 5V/1A sources are recommended for maximum stability. The wireless signal is designed to operate at range with H.265 encoding/decoding.

Performance & Stability

The Sabrent Wireless HDMI Display Adapter Transmitter & Receiver Set (DA-H1R1) is your quick and easy way to connect your PC and other devices to a remote display. Windows, macOS, and Linux PCs can connect to a compliant display in the mirror and extend modes with ease. Quickly set up a presentation, show off your photos from vacation, or simply playback some media, and enjoy on a large display. Seamlessly enable/disable video transmission and swap displays with minimal downtime. Power, plug, and play up to 1080p@60Hz with H.265 encoding/decoding over 5GHz Wi-Fi.

Forget long, dangling HDMI video cables - this set can even come with you on the go, as long as it’s powered. Each part of the set is designed to use just 1.5W while seamlessly transmitting video and audio data at long range. The adapter set will even automatically switch wireless channels to reduce interference for a cleaner signal. The adapter set is designed to be plug-and-play, but can be updated and re-paired if necessary. It’s never been easier to beam your content with this uncomplicated wireless set.

Note: 5V/1A power sources are always recommended to ensure optimal performance and stability.

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Package Content

  • Wireless HDMI Display Transmitter & Receiver Set
  • User manual
  • Warranty card


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