DS-SKRT-D16TB docking station compatibility with Apple silicon Macs

  • The product description for the thunderbolt 3 NVMe SSD docking station says under system requirements "MAC OS (with Intel CPU for full functionality)". What functionality is lost when connected to an Apple CPU Mac? Specifically a 14" MacBook Pro M1 Max in my case. 

  • @Alex C This should be removed from the description as it is no longer an issue. In testing before launch there was a minor difference in firmware and this was added as a caution but the issue was rapidly fixed.

  • Thank you. Still, I would like to know what it was (since it's still there in the description). One question specifically: will it charge my laptop (14" MacBook Pro with M1 Max) -- I saw reports online that the dock failed to power an Apple silicon MacBook Pro 16". Thank you.

  • @Alex C Actually, I think that was the issue! It was fixed.

  • Thank you so much. One last question -- which m.2 SSDs are included in the 8 and 16tb configurations? In last year's review of the 8tb version, StorageReview mentions QLC nand, so I'm guessing that would be two sticks of Sabrent 4TB QLC Gen. 3 NVMe SSD (model SB-RKTQ-4TB). Is that what's still coming by default? Asking because that model is out of stock everywhere (your own site, Amazon, B&H, etc.) so wondering if you replaced them in the dock as well. 

  • @Alex C We used the Rocket Q in these, that's correct. These would be old stock at this point. I see all four versions (2TB/4TB/8TB/16TB) of the DS-SKRT in stock at Amazon U.S., though. These can be hard to get.

    You can also put your own drives into it. We've been asked to make a bare model and we've been looking into that for TB4/USB4, but currently you would have to secure the lowest model and install yourself.

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