Trouble Registering New Mouse - New “Account" Required Every Time

  • Three days ago I replaced my old wired mouse for the equivalent one with the USB bluetooth dongle.  

    I tried updating the Registration for my old wireless mouse with the details of my new mouse, same as have with any other product I have purchased from anyone. The website wouldn't have it, so I started another, separate, registration/account.

    While I'm filling in all the details into the new account, serial number and all, I get as far as the part where it asks for a 'Add Password To Confirm' page.  I'm a bit unsure what I'm doing is correct so I contact Sabrent Support. They confirmed that I was doing the right thing. I do need to open a new, separate, "account" for every Sabrent product I purchase - ever.  

    This to me is really odd way to do things. I'm the old school, one person, one account, sort of person. But now I know Sabrent is different hopefully I won't forget if I ever buy a Sabrent product. Maybe they have a programming/web design expertise issue?  Who knows?

    So today I returned to the Password/confirmation page (using browser history) and fill in a new password.  Lo, the account shows nothing now, except for my email address.  All the details about my new mouse is not there. Under Account Detail, Order History it just says "You haven't placed any orders yet.".  It looks like I can amend or delete my address but I can't find a way to add the mouse serial number again.

    I guess I'm going to have to start again.

    EDIT: My new mouse is terrific by the way.  I haven't needed to charge it yet.

  • @Dean Shepherd That does sound overly cumbersome. I'll have to check with the web team. I did check into our support system and the mouse is registered to the account you used to post here. I'll leave a note on this account for that model (MS-RCWM) as well.

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