Which M.2 drive

  • Hi guys i have a HP Zbook G5 17 laptop with an Nvidia Quardo P3200 motherboard, i know the motherboard is a few years old so the latest fastestM.2 drive would be a waste of money, so which Sabrent M.2 drives will work with this motherboard.

  • @Sean Mc Grath You can use a newer drive in an old slot, if desired. This can have benefits other than bandwidth. That laptop model supports PCIe NVMe SSDs so anything should work. Our fastest drives right now are the Rocket 4 and Rocket 4 Plus-G, but even the original Rocket would be good. We do have a different Gen4 Rocket coming out that would be a better fit for a laptop, though. Also, our M.2 2230 drives will work if the motherboard has the appropriate offset or you use an extender, and those drives are designed for portable devices.

  • @Sabrent thanks for the reply, when are you expecting the new GEN4 Rocket to be available?  would i notice any difference in performance between the Rocket 4 and the Rocket 4 Plus and the newer Gen4 Rocket?

  • @Sean Mc Grath Pretty soon. The new one would be faster than the Rocket 4 but adjacent to the Rocket 4 Plus, possibly using a new high-end DRAMless controller with new flash.

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