DDR4 Memory

DDR4 is a mature, well-supported generation of SDRAM used in myriad devices. JEDEC supports up to DDR4-3200/PC-25600, that is memory running at a clock rate of 1600 MHz for an effective 3200 MT/s, providing 25.6 GB/s of bandwidth. This memory is often run in dual-channel mode to double available bandwidth. By specification it runs at a nominal 1.2V with CL22. DDR4 is nominally 288-pin but is also sold in a SO-DIMM form factor for laptops and embedded devices with 260 pins. Capacity tops out at 64GB per module in a dual-rank configuration.

Many manufacturers sell it at even higher speeds through the use of Extreme Memory Profiles (XMP) and at voltages generally up to 1.35V.  A generation of DRAM takes some time to get fully up to speed, improving particularly with clock rate and latencies. DDR4 is now available all the way up to DDR4-5333. Latency can also be improved, for example down to CL14 for DDR4-3200. Single-rank modules are now available at up to 16GB.

Our DDR4 SO-DIMMs are meant to be ideal as an upgrade. Laptops often arrive anemic with memory with low capacity, low speed, or both. We offer the ability to upgrade to DDR4-3200 with high capacities. More importantly, we closely follow the JEDEC specification to make sure the memory is reliable with OEM devices. We also do this so affordably under our consistent brand name.

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