DDR5 Memory

DDR5 is the newest generation of SDRAM, bringing along more than the typical advances. Generational jumps usually allow for higher speeds and bandwidth and better efficiency through a lower base voltage. DDR goes further by splitting internally into two 32-bit parts, as compared to a single 64-bit configuration, which along with SPRF increases memory availability. This helps compensate for higher relative latency.

DDR5 also has on-die power management and on-die ECC, as well as having 8-bit ECC per 32-bit portion rather than 8-bit for 64-bit. This helps improve compatibility and signal integrity while reducing costs on the motherboard side. The RAM as a whole is more efficient, bringing gains to games but especially content creation. There is also the ability to mount four times more memory per module as compared to consumer DDR4.

Density Up to 64Gb chips Up to 16Gb chips
JEDEC DDR5-4800/PC5-38400 DDR4-2133/PC4-17000
Structure 2x32-bit 1x64-bit
Voltage 1.1V 1.2V
XMP 3.0 2.0
Banks 32 16
Additional On-die PMIC
On-die ECC

Our DDR5 has all of these advantages, including lower voltage and higher bandwidth than DDR4. It’s ready to work on the newest computers and motherboards that support DDR5. This includes many laptops. As always, our memory is reliable, affordable, and sized to meet any need. Our So-DIMMs are also easy to install.

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