Virtual and Augmented Reality

With the announcement of Apple's Vision Pro, it's possible that genuine augmented reality (AR) solutions will soon be upon us. AR is not new technology as it has already existed in some form with smartphones and other devices, like Google's cancelled Glass. AR and virtual reality (VR) are sometimes confused but are different technologies as AR seeks to add information through augmentation while VR usually replaces one's vision or experience with a different world. An example of a VR headset would be Meta's Quest or Valve's Index.

AR has a wealth of potential applications, many that may not be obvious at first glance. AR is useful for medicine, the military, sports, shopping, travel, entertainment venues, construction, and more. It's already been used for military training, planning, and logistics, and for travel at airports and for tours. It's also been explored to augment diagnosis in hospital settings and to provide improvements to people's shopping experiences. The ability to travel with AR is important which is why it has seen implementation in smartphones, although Apple's Vision Pro is much more powerful.

Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro

AR also puts pressure on Edge networking and the Internet of Things by requiring bandwidth across all areas with cellphone reception and beyond. This requires improved networks and data centers. Applications of the technology do not exist in a void, either, and must be developed carefully, requiring software development kits (SDKs), ecosystems like Apple's, and tools for content creators. Sabrent's products are directed at that final group as developers create and publish amazing games and tools for AR users to enjoy.

Developing content requires storage, whether it's memory cards for the field, portable fast storage for transfers, or internal storage for editing content, and ways to access it. Beefy workstations require as much memory as possible. Content capture requires a host of accessories to facilitate the conception and creation of AR assets. There's much more to consider, but our wide range of products helps you get started on the path to realizing your vision for AR creations. We're excited about the future of this technology and will be offering more items in the future designed to improve your experience.

(thumbnail and image courtesy Apple)