10 Bay: Disks not entering Sleep Mode when USB ejected in Windows 11

  • I bought the 10 Bay 3.5” SATA Hard Drive Tray Less Docking Station. I love it so far, except for one issue: Sleep Mode is not working.

    My 10 Bay is populated with one 16TB WD Hard Disc Drive. The 10 Bay is connected to my Windows 11 PC by a USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Type-C port.

    When the Hard Drive Slot is powered on, the Indicator Power LED on the 10 Bay is Blue. When I use Windows 11 to safely eject the drive, the drive ejects and the Indicator Power LED on the 10 Bay turns Off. At this point, I cannot press the Power Switch next to the Hard Drive Slot to reconnect the drive. I have to hold the Power Switch down to power off the Hard Drive Slot, then press the Power Switch to reconnect the drive.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but what should happen after I use Windows 11 to safely eject the drive is that the Indicator Power LED should turn Red, indicating my drive is in Sleep Mode (as stated on page 5 of the manual). And I should be able to reconnect the drive by pressing the Power Switch once, not by having to first hold down the Power Switch to power off the Hard Drive Slot.

    The fact that the Power LED turns Off instead of Red, leaving me with no indication that the Hard Drive Slot still has power, suggests this is a bug rather than a feature. Perhaps this can be remedied with a firmware update?

  • @Ambrogino Giusti We'll look into this issue and see if this is remediable in firmware. We can reproduce it and have requested an update from the factory.

  • @Ambrogino Giusti To update on this: I've been advised that the firmware tool can update on a per-bay detected basis. It's best to ensure all 10 drives are connected with blue lights, or just update the bays as you go.

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