USB 3.0 Sata Hard drive flat docking station keeps turning off

  • I bought a USB 3.0 Sata hard drive flat docking station and it keeps powering of when plug in my Seagate 3.5  2tb barracuda hard drive.

  • @Fredrick Williams This sounds like a power issue. Make sure the external power is attached and working. The lights seem to indicate it is. It could be a compatibility issue with that specific drive depending on its characteristics, if there's any physical damage to the drive's connectors this could cause power issues for example. You can test this by seeing if it works internally.

  • I figured this out.  Read the instructions ...carefully.  

    No USB connection. 

    Now, source drive installed into "A"; destination drive into "B" (must be same size or bigger). 

    Assert Power button.  Both Drives should get Blue LED confirming connection. 

    Assert "Clone" button...and a Blue LED (either ¼, ½, ¾, or 100%) will assert.

    Immediately assert (again) the "Clone" button.  NOW the 25% LED will begin to flash rapidly and so forth until Destination is same as Source drive. 

  • Addendum: 

    a. The 1st time you hit the Clone button, you have to hold it down for a while...until 1 of the % complete LEDs illuminate solid blue.  THEN hit the clone button again.

    b.  Once 100% is solid Blue (not flashing), power off the EC-HD2B and remove at least 1 of the 2 drives.  THEN you can reconnect the USB port.  If you don't, your Win11 OS may lock both out as a USB error or conflict (since they have the exact same ID) and you'll have to pull 1 and reboot your PC.  

  • @Dale Dougherty Thank you for sharing the procedure that worked for you. It may help other users and we will make sure our instructions are clearer when possible.

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