USB-C 3.1 DUAL BAY DS-UTC2 Firmware issues

  • Hello,


    I need some helphere since I cannot get from Sabrent Customer Service....

    I bought a USB-C Dual Bay (DS-UTC2) HDD Docking Stattion to move about 5TB of Data (Movies), since my old Docking station (USB 2.0) was too slow.

    However, if I knew that would take me 3 days and counting to get this thing setup, I would just use my 2.0 USB...

    Well here it's my issue the 3.1 docking station does not read my drive correctly, drive is 6TB in size, which when I use the usb 2.0 my windows 11 machine opens the folder rightaway and I can see all my files, but if I use the 3.1 (new) usb, windows does shows the drive, also when I open the Computer Management and look under the Disk management I see the drive with a 2TB partition and 4TB Unallocated space. 

    So, I'm prety sure that it's a falty or old firmware on the 3.1 docking station.

    I already have contact the Sabrent Customer Service via email, but still not getting resolved. I'm almost at the point of returning and buy a different brand....



  • @Adriano Pinto The issue is probably one of formatting whereby the original docking station relied on translating to a 4K sector size to support >2TB drives for legacy devices/OS like Windows XP when if the drive is placed internally or in a newer docking station it's improperly read, which typically has the result that you see only a 2TB partition. This is due in part to the partition table data being misaligned for the expected sector size format. If you run data or partition recovery software over USB 3.1, you would see the same layout and content as on the USB 2.0 station, as you've surmised the data is still there.

    While it may be possible to rebuild and realign the drive to the new format, the best course of action is to copy the data you want to keep and then reformat the drive in the new docking station so it works properly moving forward. This is the easiest method for preparing your drives.

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