4-bay Sabrent (Model DS-SC4B) - Not Powering on

  • Setting up a brand new 4-bay Sabrent (Model DS-SC4B) - and none of the drive lights (or hard drives) in the 4 Bays are powering on.

    And yes I have the power switch on the back panel turned on ! :-)

    I can see that the power brick light is on - and see the fan is spinning - so power is getting to the unit - just not to the drives (or light indicators)

    Have tried All 4 Bays with a good known HD in them - and pushing the individual front power button - but nothing

    Any suggestions?


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  • @JosephYates The docking station needs to be plugged into an active host system for proper operation, which could be an issue. Try a different system or port also.

  •  So are you saying that the drive(s) (and led light indicators) will not power on unless this is plugged into an active host system? 
    (It was plugged into an active host and I tried all 4 Thunderbolt ports on my Mac Mini to connect to the DS-SC4B)

    Which would be unlike any other enclosure I've ever used...


  • @JosephYates That is what I was told but I will verify this week. In any case, the lights should come on if there is power and normal activity.

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