USB-C Dual KVM switch monitors disconnect from PC when switched away?

  • I just bought the USB TYPE-C DUAL KVM SWITCH WITH POWER DELIVERY & whenever I switch away from one PC to the other, the PC that got switched away from acts like the monitors were unplugged. In other words, all the apps collapse down onto the one remaining laptop integrated display, get resized & then lose the size & position when I switch back. This seems very wrong since it's a 5-10 second process when I switch back for everything to get re-synced & all the windows are wrong. This makes using the device very frustrating even though it is technically doing the job. I would have thought it would have kept the displays live with the other PC when switched away? 

    Is there a setting somewhere in Windows/Linux where I can affect this behavior?

  • @Mark Scott This unit supports EDID bypass but not EDID emulation. That might be the reason it's not working as you desire. However, it should maintain window placement. There may be software/application workarounds to restore things the way you want.

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