Dual bay not copying RAID drive

  • I bought a dual bay (EC-HD2B) to allow me to duplicate a RAID 5 drive that's givine SMART errors but it's not working.

    I put the RAID 5 drive (6TB) into bay 1, the new blank drive (8TB, exFAT) into drive 2.  The blue lights come on for both drives, I start the copy process and the 25% light comes on and blinks.  Then it stays at 25%, the longest I've left it is 12 hours.

    To test he drives, I plugged the dual bay into my laptop to see what was going on, and it warned me one of the drives could not be mounted (the RAID one, which makes sense) the other, new drive was mounted perfectly.

    Any suggestions?

  • @lindseywhelan The offline cloning process is sector-by-sector which may not complete if a drive is damaged.

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