(EC-DSK2) how to check status of cloning? safe to abort?

  • I'm using the Sabrent Dual Bay Hard Drive Docking Station (EC-DSK2). I'm trying to copy a dying 2TB HDD (90% full) to a new 2TB SSD. The dock seemed to accept the source drive and target drive, I started the cloning process according to the instruction manual. At the time of this writing, 8 hours later, the dock's access lights are blinking and only the 25% light is on. Can I plug the dock to my laptop and check the status? Will I brick one or both drives if I cut the power?

    Also, is there a reliable support resource for my dying HDD, because the usual web search results (youtube reddit quora etc) are not helpful.

  • @dcurry789 Offline cloning is sector-by-sector which can be very slow. Also, it's important the drives match in capacity and configuration, which is not always the case even if the drives are sold as "2TB," or between a HDD and SSD. A 2TB SSD could be 2000GB or 2048GB, for example.

    The source drive should be okay, but caution is always recommended. You should be able to check the drive. If the origin/source drive is suspected as having damage or bad sectors this could also interfere with the process and reading from it could cause further damage. You can use software such as DMDE to check the drive first.

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