Firmware update

  • Hi,

    I bought an EC-SSHD USB3 to SATA adapter. Looking on the download page, there is a firmware update tool offered for this device, but after downloading and starting it, it responds with


    "Cannot find any supported Sabrent devices."


    The drive I startet it from is connected via the above adapter.

    What's wrong?



  • @Ol'Man River Hey, I will look into this. The EC-SSHD can use more than one chipset but the firmware updater is intended for the JMicon JMS578. I believe this is an issue we are currently investigating.

  • Hi, is there any way of updating the firmware on linux platforms or with customized bootable ISOs as other producers allow to do?

  • @Gianni Costanzi Once you confirm the chipset, which should be the JMS578 but may have changed, you should be able to update on Linux, possibly with something like JMS578FwUpdate(r) and an updated bin.  Our utility is designed for Windows.

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